Online blackjack is an intriguing casino game that will keep you focused to your screen as you play. The game is built based on the type played at landbased casinos, however, the dealer is a software powered by Random Number Generator. However, it is played through a web-based casino via a desktop or mobile device. Unlike traditional blackjack, you can play online blackjack at any time and anywhere. If you want to study more about betting at online casinos, you should check out the website of new-zealand-onlinecasino .


How to get started with playing online blackjack

Online blackjack is played among many players. The game requires the players to take turns and make moves that beat the dealer. The main goal of the game to hit a hand that does not go over 21 and is higher than the hand of the dealer. That is how simple it is. Online blackjack starts with the dealer sharing two cards each to the players while he also gets two cards himself. Below are the moves you can make as a player

  • Hit: request an additional card to increase your hand
  • Stand: Stop playing
  • Split: divide a pair of cards into two different hands

Apart from the main bet, there are other bets that the player can place just to increase his chance of winning. Generally, the dealer stops playing at 17 or more, therefore you want to always aim for a value higher than that. It is always a good practice to aim for 19 or more and stop hitting. Also, when you have a pair of 8s, the best thing to do is to split your hand. Splitting will help to get a better hand

Where to play online blackjack.

If you want to really play online blackjack and bet for real money, you should look for an online casino that will provide online blackjack. However, this casino should meet some requirements before going ahead to register at the casino. This is to avoid fraudulent casinos that are there to take advantage of the player. The major focus is that the online casino must be authorized to run a real money casino. The license must be given by a recognized gaming body.

Another requirement that should be on your checklist is to check the promptness of customer support. When playing at an online casino, this section of the online casino can be a lifesaver when you run into technical issues that is out of your control. You want to make sure that the online casino has several options available to reach customer support such as live chat, email, phone. You should check out review sites to see what other players have to say about the online casino.

Online blackjack variants

Online blackjack has several variants available for you to choose from. These variants have different rules that govern them. One of the popular variants is the Blackjack switch. This variant allows the players to start with two hands from the beginning of the game. Also, you are allowed to interchange cards between your hands to maximize the cards. Another popular online blackjack variant is the Double exposure blackjack. In this variant, the first two cards of the dealer is shown to the players